[Today Playlist] About Wooseok and Ryn

ji nemu ini di om gugel dengan ketik ‘Wooseok Pentagon HQ’

About Wooseok and Ryn

A story by jihyeonjee98 with a general rate and failed fluff-romance genre.

I just own the OC and plot.

“Apa kau serius dengan ini?”

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[Riddle] Kematian Eve

Kematian Eve

Kematian E v e

Jihyeonjee98 ©2016

AU | T | [PTG’s] Kang Hyunggu (Kino) & Jung Wooseok

Level of Riddle; Easy

I just own the plot. The casts belong to god and his agency. Don’t copas if you still want to breathe.

“Mengapa Eve membiarkan pintunya terbuka seperti ini?”


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